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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:19 am 

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Entry 1 (Creative Writing replacement, Feb 2017)

While it appears she did a lot over the past few years in terms of both research and cultivating friendships, Akemi Former has only logged the former, leaving us with little to no knowledge of the individuals she interacted with, nor what to expect from them should we be confused for her. To that end, we deign to record our experiences to some degree, as well as any progress deemed suitable for the public eye that we make in our own studies, particularly of Former's own notes; we anticipate that while private for the moment, this record may become public in the future, most likely with minor editing. As well, what's the saying? Never write anything you don't want read?

This chapter of life began with a shiver. One moment we were walking through Niigata, the next we were standing indoors, in the presence of two abnormals. Anomalies, they call them here, as we later learned. One of the girls looked Middle Eastern, with a chest that dwarfs any we've ever seen before, and hips that flared out into a large, long snake's tail. Let us call this girl Athene, as it is her name. The other girl had features we couldn't immediately place, along with a pair of white wings on her back and a simply beautiful voice - though we had little time to appreciate it, and weren't in the best situation to regardless. We will call this girl Suzy, though like Athene, we didn't learn this name until later that night.

To understand our situation at that time, one must understand the life we've lived. Let me tell you the tale of two girls; a human, and a spirit. The human lived with a poor family in Japan, and from an age before memory, the spirit lived with her - in her, in fact. The two were always together, changing each other over time to be more suitable to their symbiotic arrangement. They lived as sisters, as best friends, as loving companions through life who would never be separated. Then one night, the human died, burned and bleeding in the sand. She offered he soul, her whole self to the spirit, and the spirit accepted.

We don't know how, but in some way rather than be consumed by the spirit, the human's soul was integrated into her own, forming a new sort of symbiosis. Two hearts as one, two minds as one, two souls as one, sealing them as a pair. The human and the spirit instead became one dual-natured, twin souled spirit. It is from that point we know who we are. Asami and Akemi. We have no way to tell, or even to imagine which of us was originally the human, nor which was originally the lone spirit. And it doesn't matter; we'll never be alone again now, for we'll have each other forever. But I digress.

Returning to the life we've lived, our situation when we came to this world, ripped away from our own and all we knew, our friends and our past, returned those feelings of fear. Fear of losing everything but each other, because in fact, we did. We first thought it was a simple kidnapping gone wrong; a teleportation trap of some kind, or perhaps a new sort of summoning that brought us there. We didn't know...

Athene was stern. Angry, confused as we were, but with a sense of duty. A sense that she knew what was best, despite how obvious it was that she didn't. She wanted to take us to security, as though we'd done something wrong - we were the victims, it was quite clear! Suzy meanwhile was confused too, but also afraid, scared out of her mind while desire and need clouded her mind. She claimed we were together - we thought her to mean we were married, from the ring on her finger, but later learned it wasn't quite so serious. She wanted us to stay, needed us even, but with the situation - and the snake lady calling for security - we simply couldn't. We needed time to figure out what was happening, somewhere away from all this chaos. Our own confusion was quite enough without inflicting everyone else's upon us.

And so we did. We fled from the room, from the building, from the very facility - school campus - it stood on, eventually making our way to a park - and the greatest shock was that while it was mid afternoon in Japan, here it was already night. Just how far did we go...?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:41 am 

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Entry 2 (Creative Writing replacement, Mar 2017)

It turned out, far. Very, very far. Haven, Canada - a small town neither really near nor far from a much larger coastal city. It could have been worse; at least we speak English. Still making plans, trying to figure out how much walking we'd have to do to get back home, we wandered the town for hours before taking a break in the park. We were so confused... things just seemed... there's no way a place so easy to escape, holding people like that winged girl or snake girl exist, right? We would have heard about it, right? We knew about this side of the world, of course - it would be impossible not to, when we'd lived with the Kuroki clan on and off between our wanderings for years. And then thinking of that family just then, we heard a familiar meow.

It couldn't be, could it? The pattern, the... everything really, seemed just like one of our closest friends. Did she somehow end up here too, by the same means we did? It only took a scant few minutes before that hope was crushed and the question answered. Naturally our first reaction was to hug her tight, rambling a bit to the familiar girl who would be first our lifeline to the past, then our best friend on her own merits, and one day our girlfriend - spoilers. We'd only had a few minutes to talk and start to calm down, understanding the situation a little better, before Suzy, the winged girl from the place we first 'appeared' managed to find us.

Suzy finally introduced herself then and there. professing her love for Akemi. Not... not us, but rather the Akemi she knew, who apparently had lived in this... world... it still feels strange to write that, even after all this time. Lived in this world and vanished when we 'arrived'. She wanted to be our friend, and did become a close one, though the start was a little shaky since even through her professions that we weren't a replacement, we still... felt like one, to her, for a time. Worried, we inhabited Tsubaki for safety, who illusioned herself to look like us, and returned to the school - right after learning that it was a school. Sorting things out with security went smoothly enough, apparently there were a few other similar cases and they'd figured out what was going on enough to not take overzealous action while we were away. Things went... somewhat poorly after that, however, neither Tsubaki nor Suzy wanting to force us to be alone for the rest of the night, but miscommunicating and misunderstanding to the point that nobody left satisfied.

We found our way back into town a few hours after that, still not comfortable with the idea of the school. Abnormals were not only known here, but this common? Well, we'd never had a sense for the scale of how often the differences came up, and as social as we are, picking up all sorts of interesting bits and pieces of information from others, nobody had really talked about it while we were around. We're fairly sure nobody in our world actually knew about all this, so we think the difference separating our worlds must be rather far back, after talking with some of the other displaced. Ah, but that hadn't nearly happened yet, we wouldn't have those talks for weeks and weeks after what we were mentioning here.

Back into town. And so the Fox Tailed Twins entered the Twin Tailed Fox. Seriously, that's what the place was called, there's a pub in town named the Twin Tailed Fox and Iron Hound. Good food, in the form of attention, which we drew a fair amount of for it being so late at night. Tsubaki managed to track us there not long after, and we had a long talk - we shouldn't go into details, but in short, I think... I think she realized some things. We certainly did. It was... a good bonding experience, that probably laid the groundwork for building what we came to have as something uniquely our own; we weren't at all willing to coast on our experiences with the other version of Tsubaki that we knew. Treating her like a replacement for our friend would have been the single worst and most disrepsectful thing we could have done, and examining our every feeling in the coming weeks to make certain they were 'correctly' founded was a vital choice.

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The mistrust hurts. Just for having an ability that can affect minds, everyone in Andromeda dorm seems to be wary, acting as though I must be using it on them to evoke the feelings they naturally feel. Don't they realize that if I were affecting them, they wouldn't even consider the idea that I might be? I'm moving to Lacerta dorm. There's a lot of telepaths and the like there, and they understand my problem. They understand that we shouldn't be discriminated against just for being able to do what we do.

Then again, maybe it's what we should have done. Used our abilities just to make it so they wouldn't suspect us of using them, wouldn't treat us differently. It's not like anyone would be able to tell. Maybe we will some day if this world doesn't treat us better. Maybe... hehehehehe...

They'll never see this coming.

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