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 Post subject: Sage's Journal
PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:17 pm 

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The government came today. They kicked in the doors of the compound and pointed guns at everyone and then they put all the adults in handcuffs and locked them in a big van. They didn't handcuff me. They talked to me, and asked me to please get in the car.

I was worried about what would happen to my family, but they told me that everything would be fine.

I had never been in a car before today. It's a terrifying experience, seeing everything flash past so fast you don't get to see it properly, feeling the lurch in the pit of your stomach and the strange dizziness of trying to track things that you can't follow fast enough.

They put me in a little room, with a light and a table and two chairs, and they asked me questions. About my family. About the Truth. About what had happened to me.

I don't think they liked the answers. One of them ran out of the room; I heard him throwing up. I don't understand why they would be so upset about this. It's the way things are, the way things have always been, and the way things should be.

They asked who did this to me. I told them I did it to myself, and my family helped. They took notes – I read them, upside down. When you can read the True Words, upside down isn't a challenge.

They wanted to lock my family away. I begged them not to – I just wanted someone to come and help us, not to come and destroy us. That's why I asked for help, not for this.

They looked at me like I was broken. I am not broken, I am whole.

They're keeping me in a facility. They want me to get something called 'adjustment therapy', so I can be a normal person. I'm not a normal person, though; I'm the Conduit, and they don't seem to understand my sacred duty.

They asked me to write this journal so that I can put my thoughts down on paper. Apparently, it's supposed to help me make sense of things, and to put things in order.

They don't understand, though. I don't forget, I don't lose clarity; I always remember. I always have. I don't need to write things down to remember them.

Writing is to pass on knowledge, not to retain it myself. If they want to see inside my head, then I am happy to write it out for them.

I don't want to be locked up in here. I want to be free. They say there's a school I can go to, where I'll learn everything I need to. I hope it's true. I want to leave this place. It's grey and boring and I don't have any books or computers.

The alarm keeps going off if I use magic, too, and the guards come in and point guns at me. I don't need more than one warning, I get the idea.

So I'm sitting here, writing this journal, bored out of my mind. Tomorrow I will ask to go to this school they mentioned. Anywhere is better than here, even going back to the compound.


The trial was today. They put my family in a courtroom, in those horrible orange jumpsuits, and told them they were monsters.

They repeated what I told them, and some people in the jury looked angry. Some of them looked sick. One of them cried.

I still don't get it.

They said I'd never have to see them again. That they'd be locked away until they died.

I can't cry any more, but I would. I never wanted this. I just wanted things to be better, and they just seem to keep getting worse.

They keep telling me that I'm safe now, that they can't hurt me any more, but they never hurt me, not really. Life was a challenge, sometimes, but I was happy. I love my family, and they love me.

Being a god is hard sometimes. They keep telling me not to call myself that, so I don't, not any more. It doesn't change what I am, but it makes people happier.

The outside seems to be like that a lot. You have to lie about everything, and people are happy. When you tell the truth, they are not.

I don't like having to lie, but I dislike people being unhappy more. At least none of them have tried to get me to teach them the True Speech. That would be too far. I don't think I could deal with someone trying to violate me like that. So I can continue to Write only the Truth, when it gets too much. And I still Think the Truth.

 Post subject: Re: Sage's Journal
PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:18 pm 

Joined: Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:20 pm
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I arrived at the school today. The sun was shining down, bright and hot and far too beautiful a day for this time of the year. The agent who was driving me dropped me off at the gates, and told me she was glad to be rid of me.

I love how expressive sign language can be; they certainly knew I'd told them to go fuck themselves with a bag of rusty razorblades.

The first person I met at the school was another deaf person; she's one of the only people I've met since I left the compound who can actually hold a conversation in my primary method of communication.

I love writing, but sometimes it's nice not to have to.

She told me I was signing wrong, and that some of the words were incorrect. This was an enormous surprise, because I learned from my parents. They've never lied to me. I'll have to research this further; there is both a library and a computer lab on campus, so I can get accurate information one way or another.

Fei also told me calling heathens heathens is wrong. First I can't call myself a god, an now I can't call heathens heathens?

The outside world is insane.

She was relatively interesting, though. She also likes computer games! I have learned a lot from my interaction with her, more than I did from the agents I talked to in the facility.

I do not think my adjustment therapy was very effective. They did not really teach me anything, it seems.

I thought I behaved very much like a normal human, but Fei informed me I was incorrect. She also informed me about money – what a bizarre concept! Having to pay for things outside of a game!

I will have to research money. It seems like it is something important.

I have also ensured I am signed up for the 'acting human' classes. I hope they are interesting and informative.


Today, I had my first 'acting human' class. It went well. I am not the least human looking member of the class, either. There is one individual who appears to have been chosen by a dark and mysterious god from outside reality, hollowed out, and rendered but a vessel.

Or they are part squid. I am unsure.


I learned about weekends, today. Days you don't follow the normal routine, apparently.

Further insanity.

I spent the majority of the day in the classroom, waiting for the teacher and class to arrive. It gave me an opportunity to catch up on my reading. I have read seventy three books since arriving so far; most of them have been very useful. The book on economics has given me ideas for opportunities to gain money of my own.

I met Cecile towards the end of the day. She has decided to call me Kenzie, and appears to think I am female.

We discussed weekends, magic, and video games. She seemed very interested in magic, so I have offered to teach her. I am unsure if it will be successful.

She seems kind of stupid.

She is very nice, however, and introduced me to hugs. I had thought the correct way to display affection for another involved respectful distance and polite nods. Cecile seems to think differently.

I enjoy the tactile sensation, I think. People feel quite pleasant.

We went back to the dorms and she warped space so we did not get rained upon. I must study spatial magic further; it is an area I am lacking in. The Grimoire has significant information on this topic.

We played video games, and I adequately destroyed her at tactical simulations. She made me feel like a failure when we engaged in a reflex-based game, however.

This is why CoD is for losers.


I met what I think is a transsexual man today. I think that is the correct term. They appeared to be an attractive woman made of metal, but identified themselves as male. He is called Andrey.

He can create and control any metal. He is also a musician; I think he is an extremely interesting individual. He looks exceptionally cool, too.

His skin feels like normal skin, which is peculiar. I must research transformative magic.

We discussed music and video games. He's apparently interested in collaborating on a video game project with me in the future. I got his phone number! My phone no longer has only two contacts in it.

A phone that only has 'Me' and 'WATC Hotline' in it is very sad.

I ensured to gather Cecile's phone number later.


The library is apparently the domain of an extra-dimensional entity who calls herself Jane. She is from the Forgotten, which is extremely unusual.

If I can remember her, she is not forgotten, so she should not be from the Forgotten as she is not forgotten. She can also pull forgotten things from the Forgotten, which I could also remember.

The Forgotten must be able to break its own rules. This is a topic that requires further study; the ability to pull objects from the Forgotten is sought after by all branches of magic.

She and I discussed a number of topics. She likes books, and works in the library. She has promised to provide me with books that were never written, or which were permanently lost, from the Forgotten.

This is the most exciting thing to happen all week.

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