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The night Tsubaki lost everything. (I may redo this one later)

The smaller Tsubaki sat in a magic circle as a thin young man began to use his blood to fuel the magic. "This should help you keep it in check, removing the need for those seals... I'm sorry it took me six years to figure this out, little sister..." That's right, this was her older brother, Rentaro. The ritual began, energies pouring into the small tigress as white chains, slowly dragging out a black and crimson silhouette of the young maiden. Suddenly, the chains shattered as the silhouette seemed to let out a pained roar. The seals on the younger Tsubaki faded as her arm split open, the blood piercing the young man by surprise, almost instanly ending his life. The irises of the tigress glowed red she ran out of the room. Not only had the ritual backfired, it seemed to have made the other Tsubaki worse than it could possibly have been before. Consumed entirely by a desire for bloodshed, the tigress rushed throughout the small hidden village, taking life after life by surprise. Had anyone been warned prior, people may have been able to subdue her. Towards the end, a few homes put up resistance, damaging the enraged tigress before she made it to her own home. Blood was swirling around the tigress as there were many burns and cuts on her body already healing. First it was her mother, Sayuri, that was taken down. Despite being more experienced, the combination of a surprise attack and hesitation to fight her own daughter entirely seriously did her in. Still not satisfied, the destructive tigress then took her father by surprise when he came in to see the commotion accompanied by her sister. "Onee-chan... You've lost yourself... I'll save you..." The younger sister drew a knife, but the older fired a spray of blood needles that just passed through her. Suddenly several blades embedded themselves in the enraged tigress' back. Turning around, she saw many more of her younger sister, but only one was real. With an enraged roar she sprayed more blood needles, but Chika had already repositioned, throwing more knives into her older sister's side. Another failed retaliation came from the enraged girl, still failing to hit her mark when suddenly a blade is lodged directly in her back by her sister. In her final moments of consciousness, the tigress' blood shoot out in a great spike, impaling the younger sister as well. Both were doomed to die without intervention. "Don't worry, Onee-chan... This time... I'll be the one to save you..." Tears formed in Chika's eyes as she used the last of her life to draw the seals on herself and her sister in their shared blood. The pair were engulfed in a bright white light as they became one being, though this time with pink irises. She tapped a rune on her mother's arm and activated it, opening a portal to Faerie where she escaped.

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Tsubaki/Rin, First Contact

Using the number she'd gotten from Asami and Akemi, Tsubaki texted this girl she heard wanted to meet her. It's the girl with the metal arm that stares at me sometimes, from what I heard. <Hey, this is Kuroki Tsubaki. I heard you wanted to meet me from my friend, so where would be best for you?> After a few minutes, her phone let out its alert noise, the tigress still hadn't changed that to a more personalized sound. <I hear coffee is a rather popular way to get to know someone. Would you mind terribly if it were a coffee shop?> Tsubaki gave a little shrug for nobody in particular as she started getting dressed for going out. <Works for me, I'm in the room with that kitsune you met the other day. Just knock when you're prepared.>

Rin picked out a decently normal outfit. A white dress with little flowers embroidered on the base of it, no sleeves this time for either side and comfortable shoes. She quickly ran out to meet with her new interest, knocking on the door to have the tigress exit wearing the far too flattering clothes the twins had made her.

“Alright, lets go.” Tsubaki took the lead as she spoke. She found it a bit odd that Rin didn't speak the whole way to a nearby coffee shop, choosing to walk for the smaller girl's sake. “Don't talk much, do you?”

“Difficult...” Rin's reply was pretty obviously labored to Tsubaki. Seeing how she could text, Tsubaki decided that it'd be best if she waited until they were seated to converse. That would allow Rin to use her phone. The pair rather quickly arrived and had a seat at a far corner booth where they wouldn't be bothered except for the staff taking their orders. Tsubaki ordered a strawberry latte, remembering that strawberry coffee tasted pretty good last time and Rin just requested the same. Even if it was terrible, it would at least be a new experience for the diminutive maiden.

“So, what would you like to talk about, Rin?” Rin pulled her phone out of her arm and tapped away her response. <So, what exactly are you? You smell flowery, sweet and bloody, but you have tiger ears and tail... I can't pin down what you are... Cecile likes you though.> \Well, at least she's direct. I kinda like that, actually.\ “Well, I'm equal parts Alraune, Cait Sith, Nekomata and Kasha. I think. Might be something else way up the family line, but it's likely too diluted to matter.” Rin's eyes would have went wide as she suddenly understood what the sweet and flowery smells were, but her reactions were still rather muted. <I see, that makes sense. You're heavily mixed. That's actually really interesting.>

The pair's drinks arrived shortly, Tsubaki acknowledging the server a bit before reading the text. “I mean, I guess. It's just really normal to me. What about yourself?” <100% human. Well, less due to my arm, but genetically all human.> Tsubaki sipped her her drink and Rin mimicked her, both of them enjoying the flavor, though Rin noticing the sweetness and appreciating it more. “So, what brought you here, if you don't mind me asking? I'm here because I pretty much have nowhere else to call home.” Rin's response was quick. <Aiko.> A little chuckle escaped the tigress. “Her? She must be really special to you if you'd go so far just to be around her. I won't lie, she's rather cute and pretty cool, but she must be something way more than that to you.” Rin gave little nods, not feeling the need to use words to express it.

The pair had found their drinks empty rather quickly, neither really showing any restraint about just downing the liquids, aside from maybe that it was hot. They felt a bit awkward, staring at eachother and drinking, but neither was actually any good at smalltalk. Finally, Rin broke the silence, metaphorically. <Would you mind if we spent more time together in the future? With your Kitsune friend, too. Maybe you could come play video games in my room with me sometime?> Tsubaki hummed in thought, but gave a little nod. “Sure, you seem alright. You don't talk a lot, but it's kinda cute how quiet you are. I'd like to learn a bit more about you, but just asking directly is no fun.” Rin set more than enough money down on the table to pay for their drinks and leave a tip as she got up. <I'll see you later. Being in public actually makes me a bit uncomfortable.> Rin hurried her way out, rushing back to the school and, more importantly, her room. Tsubaki was a bit surprised at the sudden exit. “You and me both, Rin. I'm just better at handling it.

When Rin returned to her room, she sat with Aiko and told her all about the meeting excitedly. Well, typed, but it was close enough to her. Unsurprisingly, Tsubaki did similar, telling Asami and Akemi about the meeting with Rin.

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