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Yo, this is Maya, and I’m writing this guide for the unlucky sods who happen to find themselves stuck in a supernatural incident without appropriate powers of their own to counteract it, or have powers that are borderline nonexistent/useless. I have divided this up into two sections, but this is very much just general observation. Stay safe out there!

Physical Threats
Many an anomaly find themselves with increased strength, the ability to shoot fire out their hands, whatever floats their boat. In these cases, your best bet is to stay calm and get as much info on them as possible while staying out of danger, and keeping anyone else from harm too. Many anomalies find their pleasure in melee combat, if that’s the case then even grabbing 4 or 5 of your friends may just end up getting them all killed, only do this if you ABSOLUTELY need to buy time for other people to escape. Your best bet is figuring out if they have some sort of exploitable weakness or behavior. Very common ones are fire and electricity if you can get that on them in short notice, while other anomalies are little more than animals driven by hunger. Use every advantage you can!

If you absolutely MUST engage an anomaly who is best at melee combat, it’s obvious to say but try to find a bunch of like-minded individuals and shoot the ever-living fuck out of them. If you can, try using the big guns such as rifles, but if all you have are pistols, then do your best to aim for vital areas. Creating a fixed defensive line is also highly beneficial, create fields of broken glass, makeshift barbed wire, homemade landmines, whatever you need to exploit the fact that the enemy has to actually reach you first. Even if it doesn’t take it out, it’ll slow it down.

Now for anomalies with ranged abilities those are a bit trickier. Many rely on line of sight to aim their attacks, not all mind you but most have to get a bead on you before doing their thing. Confusing and misdirection are your best friends, engaging them out in the open is pretty much suicide. You want a place with lots of cover (An office usually works well.) even it won’t necessarily block a fireball, it’ll keep them from knowing where you are exactly. Lots of friends are your best bet, and overwhelming them with sheer number of attacks whether it be guns or melee can do you well. Don’t group up! Chances are that anomaly can wipe out a formation in one go, or force you to scatter wasting precious seconds of response time.

Lastly, if you see kids with Fifth Sanctum or Firewatch markings on them, then those guys are usually there to help. They’re anomalies sent to deal with or clean up an anomalous situation, and usually way better at dealing with issues than most teens. Don’t count on them showing up, the WATC can be stupid sometimes.

Not all anomalies present physical threats, many work on a more spiritual or mental level and these guys are pretty hard to deal with without powers of your own. The most important thing in these situations is a clear head, and strong willpower. Most anomalies have to actually get through your mental defenses to actually get anything going, and it becomes much harder if you are actively aware of the threat, and can properly focus. Panic and fear are your greatest weakness in this situation, and definitely be wary of anomalies that can induce paranoia on you. Many anomalies can make you see things that aren’t there or hear voices, remember, common sense is VERY hard for them to take away.

Anomalies like spirits can also do the shitty thing of possessing your body, in event of those make sure that all your close friends have a trust password, something only they would know. It isn’t by any means foolproof as there are ways around it, but it’s not a bad idea as an extra precaution. Imposters usually aren’t the best at mimicking whoever they possess, and so spot the differences in demeanor that can’t just be chalked up to general fear or panic.
Some anomalies can ONLY be hurt when they’re manifested or possessing a physical vessel. Spirits need to really manifest if they want to do anything physical, so in those cases your best chance to strike back is when they’re attacking you, but it’s best to keep them at bay while people evacuate rather than trying to eliminate. It won’t work well. Don’t think walls or other physical boundaries come close to impeding many spiritual threats, though places with a high level of psychic or supernatural protection can spawn from mundane locations with enough belief. Churches are usually at least a semi-decent place to bet on being slightly harder, but if you’re dealing with an evil cult then stay away from churches.

Closing Thoughts
Well, that’s all I can really say for now folks. The world can be a fucking absurd place sometimes, and that absurdity has a chance of hurting you and the people you love. This doesn’t mean you should just become a paranoid wreck, or start hating on every single fucking anomaly. For the most part, the ones causing destruction are like a mundane terrorist, a vocal minority that nonetheless must be dealt with in clear mind and prudence. Stay safe out there folks, we’re in this for the long haul.

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