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 Post subject: Deus Prologue
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The doors swung wide as the new arrival took a long drag of her cigarette... before promptly throwing it on the ground and spitting the awful taste out of her mouth.

"Jeez, how do you people do that? Ugh, that was awful." The girl spoke between her spitting, wiping at her mouth before pulling a bit of her cape to lick at it to get the taste off her tongue.

"Dark Queen." A voice sneered as a few of the thugs stood up, his voice was Italian in the way that only a stereotypical mafioso could sound. The sort of pathetically weak and corrupt kind.

"It's THE DARK QUEEN." The thunder in the background was evidence that she said her name right as she cracked her fingers, "I want to know where the cult is." She spoke calmly, cracking her fingers together and glaring. The mafioso laughed and THE DARK QUEEN raised a single palm to face him. "Where. Is. The. Meeting?" Her voice was utterly calm as she spoke, her eyes narrow and cold.

"Don't matter if I tell ya or not, I-" The man was shut up as a golden light engulfed him and she turned to face the mook just as the first's ashes were revealed.

"Y-Ya killed h-him!" The second mook shouted as another leaped towards her, only for her to take a step back and stomp on the man's back.

"I'll bring him back too if you tell me where the meeting is." THE DARK QUEEN's voice was utterly calm, the methodical sort of a paramedic after a gruesome accident or an officer after his partner dies two days from retirement.

"Fourth and Abrams. Fourth and Abrams, password is Shatter Thee And Make Him Whole." THE DARK QUEEN smiled and rose her palm again, replacing a chair with a terrified mafioso. She didn't kill the poor guy, only swap him with a pile of ashes from where she burnt firewood earlier.

She turned, her cape billowing behind her as she left with cold determination in her eyes.

"Watcher! WAKE UP! Watcher!"

THE DARK QUEEN paused midstep as the words echoed in her mind and she let her helmet slide back, wiping at her eyes before it reassembled itself over her face. She breathed out, cold fury escaping her lips as she kept stepping forward.

No games today. No child's play. She arrived at the building, standing before it and going to knock once, a voice tapping back from the other side a moment later.

THE DARK QUEEN didn't wait, she didn't utter a phrase, she merely lifted her foot up and kicked. The door flung off its hinges, the man on the other side flying into the far wall with a loud noise. THE DARK QUEEN took a half moment to check with her HUD and recognized that he wasn't dead, merely a few bruised bones. He'd survive.

She didn't know if Watcher would. If Gina would. If her /friend/ would.

She didn't walk forward so much as she slid, her hands going around the man's neck to halt his blood flow only for a moment, enough to knock him out but not kill. She didn't care about these people, these cultists. She only cared about one thing.

Figuring out where the /fuck/ her minion and best friend went. Her heads-up display shimmered, switching to thermal so she could look around and locate her mark. Names popped up, analyzed from bone structure and posture with long lists of possibilities. It was something she made not too long after her run in with the heroes from Sanctum so that she wouldn't be surprised. Now it was helping her find her mark.

THE DARK QUEEN moved, going up the stairs and cracking her knuckles as her armor hissed to create fog for when she kicked open the next door. Opening them normally just wasn't her style.

"Where is the boss?" She spoke, announcing her presence to everyone before she went to systematically start shooting at servants and what her HUD had identified as weapon bearers. "Because I've got a big fucking complaint." A golden outline surrounded one of the guests, the one that looked the richest. THE DARK QUEEN crouched and then sprung forward, her fist hitting the man in the stomach and causing him to puke as bullets harmlessly bounced off of her forcefield.

She wore her fancy armor for this. The one embellished with gold to symbolize the evils of capitalism. It wasn't her best armor, it wasn't the one she designed in case Firewatch realized she was utter villainy and the source of all true evil. Probably because she wasn't actually, but still. A girl could hope to fight with the big kids sometimes, right? Whether with or against.

THE DARK QUEEN preferred the latter.

"Where is Deus keeping El-ice." She asked as she gave two more hard punches, turning to glare at a man and make him quake.

It took a full two minutes before she had knocked out everyone else and then continued beating the host. That's when she found out. Deus was holding Gina hostage. He was going to turn her into some sort of vessel, a slave, and host so he could exist permanently in the physical realm. He was going to turn her, morph her, mold her into his host.

Gina was going to become a vassal to Deus, to a fucking monster... to a cult. Gina was going to be...

No. No. Nonono. THE DARK QUEEN rose and a phone on the other side of the city started buzzing.

"What's up, W?" The voice on the other end spoke.

"I'm going to burn that fucking cult to the ground. But first... send me the number to Sanctum."

"Aren't those guys your" Shadowmonger spoke.

"The heroes teaming up with the most devious of enemies to face a more vile foe is a classic. We'll be using that one. Now, Courtney, give me the number." THE DARK QUEEN hissed out that last word and the number appeared to her eyes. Her smile grew wider and she turned. Perfect.

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